First on the scene with hope

When Disaster Strikes We Are There

Every  couple  of  years,  our  community  is  hit  with  severe  flooding  or  drought  that  affects  hundreds  of  people.  Whether  it  is  houses  falling  down,  or  crops  dying  from  lack  of  rain,  natural  disasters  are  devastating  to  any  community.

The road to our community is washed out by rain whenever a flood happens, and sometimes even just from regular rainfall. When this happens, only motorcycles and 4x4 vehicles can get in. The large trucks from global NGO’s often can’t navigate the narrow places. This means, since we are already based in the area, we are the first on the scene when disaster strikes. We are able to relieve the victims of disaster with basic emergency goods including blankets, water treatment solutions, food and medical care. 

Often times, the hardest hit are the widows in the community. They tend to be marginalized and struggle to care for their own families. They are also the ones that tend to take in and care for orphaned children in the villages. When their house falls down, not only are they affect, but so are all the children that are dependent on them for shelter. In steps Kids’ World with the help of donors like you and other generous organizations. We are able to support the widows and orphans while they get their lives stabilized and help them also with new stable, storm resistant housing.

We  are  so  grateful  to  all  who  stepped  up  and  donated  to  make  these  projects  possible.  We  are  also  grateful  to  the  people  of  our  community  who  have  donated  their  time  and  labour  to  build  houses  for  the  widows  of  our  community.

Disaster relief, humanitarian aid, widow care, orphan care, emergency housing, community development

New houses for widows in our village are one of the exciting relief project which we are conducting