Empty stomachs lead to empty minds

It Started with the Food

Going to school on an empty stomach can interfere with a child's performance and ability to learn. Every morning our kids are fed a nutritious breakfast of likuni phala. This is a traditional porridge made with various grains and legumes. It can be made savoury with a bit of salt or sweetened with sugar or honey. It is quite tasty and full of all the nutrients to keep a child going during the day.


After school the kids come back to our feeding centre which is the heart of our operations. While the students are at school our team of cooks is working diligently to ensure that lunch is ready for them when they return. 

Students are required to bathe and come for lunch in clean clothes. Lunch begins with singing to let stragglers know that the time is fast approaching. The sound of songs and drums travels through the village and let feet know to stop dragging hustle to the campus. After giving thanks for the meal, students line up according to age and wash their hands, then queue for their plate. Lunch includes nsima, which is a mash made from maize, Malawi's staple crop. To this we add stewed veggies and a protein such as beans, soya or fish. 

After eating kids rinse of their plates and leave them at the washing station for the group of students assigned to washing up that week. This group changes each week to help everyone contribute to our family. Students will rotate into a new chore the next week such as drawing water to help the ladies cook. No chores are performed during school hours so that students can get the most out of their day.

Contribute to Feeding Program

We buy our food in bulk which helps to keep costs down and we also keep a garden so we have lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. But there are still items that we need to buy. You can help us buy donating toward food items. For as little as $30 you can ensure that a child has nutritious meals for the month. Consider signing up for monthly donations.